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Ayton Introduces First Weekly Webinar

Ayton Introduces First Weekly Webinar

Learn information on claim substantiating including Haircare, Suncare, Advertising and more. We’ll also have specific advice on the legislative framework when making a claim and advertising in particular countries/continents including; USA, MENA, Australia and Europe. 

The Legislative framework for advertising in Australia

Date: 16/01/20

Time: UK 23:00 (GMT), Brisbane 9:00 (GMT+10), Sydney 10:00 (GMT+11)  

How to make an effective advertising claim            

Date: 24/01/20 

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT) 

The benefits of consumer studies                           

Date: 07/02/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

Claims for Suncare                                                   

Date: 14/02/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

Global legislative framework                                    

Date: 21/02/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

European legislative framework for advertising     

Date: 06/03/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

Substantiating claims for supplements                  

Date: 13/03/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT) 

The legislative framework for advertising in Asian      

Date: 20/03/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

The legislative framework for advertising in the USA        

Date: 03/04/20

Time: UK 17:00 (GMT), LA 9:00 (GMT-8), New York (GMT-5)

The legislative framework for advertising in MENA     

Date: 17/04/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT), UAE 15:00 (GMT+4)

Substantiating claims for hair care                         

Date: 01/04/20

Time: UK 11:00 (GMT)

Email us at [email protected] for more information about being invited or a copy of our Webinars.  

Ollie Beckingham
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